Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight?

Keeping yourself motivated all the time is your key to success in achieving your weight loss gaol. When you lose 40lbs in 16 weeks, or 4 inches from waistline in 9 weeks with your program is good news. The problem that some persons at several times during their weight loss feel as if they are not losing much weight and not seeing results. But if look at their before and after photos, it shows that they made quite a substantial improvement in their bodies.

When you start a new diet or weight loss program, you're all excited to be doing something great for your health and you're sticking to the program, step by step. Consistent action pays off and after a short while you start getting compliments about the pounds you're losing week by week. Then all seems to stop and you feel as if true weight loss may never happen for you.

The trick here is to not get stuck in your own frustration because everyone goes through this stage. The thing that you must understand is that for as long as you are doing the right things on a consistent basis it will respond with results.

Victory lies in having the strength to make it through the rough spots without cracking under the pressure and losing all that you've worked for. If you can just master getting past the point of frustration, before you know it you'll be seeing results again and getting more compliments.