Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Two Pounds per Week?

We say in a previous post that two pounds per week is the maximum amount of fat you should safely lose? If you train hard while will not be able to lose more fat without losing muscle or damaging your health? 

Actually, losing two pounds per week is a general recommendation and a good benchmark for setting weekly goals. It's also sensible and realistic because it's based on average or typical results. 

Weight loss is somewhat meaningless unless you also talk about body composition; the fat to muscle ratio, as well as water weight. Ask any wrestler about fast weight loss and he’ll tell you things like, “I cut 10 lbs overnight to make a weight class. It was easy - I just sweated it off.” 

The actual amount of fat you can lose depends on many factors. For example, weight losses tend to be relative to body size. The more body fat you carry, the more likely you’ll be able to safely lose more than two pounds per week. Therefore, we could individualize our weekly guideline a bit by recommending a goal of 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week or up to 1% of your total weight. If you weighed 300 lbs, that would be 3 lbs per week.

You’ve also probably seen people that went on some extreme induction program or a lemon juice and water fast for the first week and dropped an enormous amount of weight. But once again, you can bet that a lot of that weight was water and lean tissue and in both cases, you can bet that those people put the weight right back on. 

Why do you hear so many diet and fitness professionals insist on two pounds per week max? Where does that number come from? Well, aside from the fact that it’s a recommendation in government health guidelines and in position statements of most nutrition and exercise organizations, it’s just math. The math is based on what’s practical given the number of calories an average person burns in a day and how much food someone can reasonably cut in a day. 

The main potential advantage of any type of induction period for rapid weight loss in the first week is that a large drop on the scale is a motivational boost for many people (even if it is mostly water weight).

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Does Fruit Make You Fat?

Fruit is a fat-free and fairly low-calorie, high-fiber food. It's going to be hard to eat enough fruit to result in an excess of calories, resulting in noticeable fat gain.

It is very rarely to find somebody who ate a lot of fruit and had gained a lot of fat. Fruit roll-ups, fruit juice (with 10% real juice), Fruity Pebbles maybe not so hard, though I do have to say high fructose corn syrup is not a fruit just because it has the word "fructose" in it, so that doesn't count.

There are some people sitting down in front of the television and not realizing they ate an entire bag of apples or saying their doctor told them they need to lay off the bananas!

Fruit actually contains a lot of water, nutrients, fiber, etc...Healthy stuff...stuff your body needs. It's generally when we start mucking around with fruit that we start to run into problems.

Fructose can only be stored as glycogen in the liver, not in the muscles. Muscle cells lack the proper enzymes to convert fructose into this storage molecule.
So that leaves the liver for storage...

When liver glycogen levels are full and your body can't store any more carbs in the liver, fructose is easier for the body to convert into fat than other carbs because of its molecular structure.
This fat is not immediately converted into body fat, however. It becomes free fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream. If they're not burned, they can be stored as body fat.

But the other good stuff you find in fruit, notably the fiber and vitamins and minerals, outweigh the "dangers" of storing a little extra fat.

And here's the point that a lot of people miss, especially when they hear that fruit has the potential to work against fat loss when on a diet...

1. The fructose should have little chance of being converted into fat.
2. If some excess fructose is converted to fat, chances are good it'll be used by the body soon after being converted to fat because you're in a caloric deficit.

If you want to minimize the impact of fruit on your fat-loss diet, eat it in the morning when liver glycogen levels are naturally at their lowest point. This will help ensure fructose won't be converted into fat.

There are  more important things to worry about when it comes to fat loss...your training and overall nutrition are much more important than worrying about eating too much fruit.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To Resolve Back Pain

Are you uncomfortable driving in the car? You might even mind that you sit at your desk feeling the pain rather than getting anything productive, putting your business or your job in jeopardy. This sort of back pain problem is common and I think you should do something about it.  

First, you should be evaluated by a health professional. You need to know what the source of your back pain is. Once you’ve got that done, you should work towards eliminating anything that is contributing to your back pain. You need to be careful as you address the pain problem because you can easily aggravate the problem.

When you work out, you should always keep the back’s alignment straight without trying to round-it-out. Rows are another move that you should avoid. You need to hold yourself to good posture at all time before you make things even worse. You should also be mindful of the way you are doing a row, dead lift, and other movements. 

For any drills that you’ve never been shown how to do, you might want to skip them until you research more on the proper form to perform the routines you have chosen. 

Picking things up is the source of more injuries than you might be aware of. It’s surprising how reaching for something on the floor has devastated so many lives. 

Many folks don’t pay attention to simple lifting because they don’t consider it as part of their routine. 

You have to learn how to lose weight quickly and safely to avoid any back pain before you start your plan.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are Low Carb Diets Recommended?

Low carb diets are emerging as the newest trend in dieting. But do they really work? ...And if so, are they the solution to weight loss that everybody is looking for?

I think no? Here are why!

Most low carb diets have several problems which make losing weight very difficult for the average dieter.

For example, The Atkins program allows just 20 grams of "net carbs" per day during the first phase of the diet (which usually lasts for 2 weeks). This low level of carbs is often too severe for the  average  dieter to tolerate for 2 weeks straight, and in fact eating such a low level of carbs can make a person feel  weak  and  miserable  all day long (because your body needs more carbs than that for energy).

Therefore, if you follow such diet then the restriction on carbs for the first couple weeks is very severe.

Other low carb diets (such as the South Beach Diet) are not quite as severe as the Atkins Plan, but in our opinion even the South Beach Diet is not as easy to follow as it could be.

We think that a successful diet needs to be easy to follow because that s the only way that people will stick to the diet and lose weight.

Diets should not make average people feel miserable and weak all day long, because if  you feel so miserable with diets then it‘s going to be very difficult to adhere to such programs.

don’t say that all low carb diets are as restrictive, but we say that most low carb diets are so hard to follow that average dieters will probably wind up feeling hungry and weak all day long.

The truth is that your body needs a reasonable amount of protein (
Protein Is The Vital Nutrient For Your Body), carbs and fat calories, why we say that low carbs is not the answer to losing weight

To begin losing weight fast we recommend using diet that has no specific "portion limits" at any meal (and dieters can eat as much as they need to at each meal). Also, unlimited amounts of certain condiments can be eaten with every meal such as Fat Burning Diet.

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Weight Loss - A Few Quick Things To Get You Started

by Hazel Johnson

Weight Loss: Is There Really Any Secrets?

Is there really a secret formula for good weight loss? Have you been one of those who are still persistent looking for that successful diet plan that will definitely work for you, but still unfortunately been unable to find one? Rest assured and be calm in knowing that you are not alone in this struggle. In fact, you may be just one of many people on that religious search for an affective weight loss plan.

If you want to know why so many people fail in their search, it is because so many people are looking for a diet that is going to solve all of their problems quickly. What they don't know is that there is really no such thing as an "instant" diet when it all just comes off like that.

If you want to succeed, the main thing here is not to expect something positive right away, as in just a wink of an eye or a snap of a finger. Just remember the popular phrase, "good things happen to those who wait". This is basically true when trying to lose weight. And if you are really intent on knowing the weight loss secret that is to accept the fact that we are sometimes, or most of the times for that matter, overeat. Yes, no matter how painful the truth is, it is a fact that we overeat on a normal bases.

I am sure that you heard the saying that "you are what you eat" as well? This basically means that there are foods that are considered "bad" for our digestive system, our tract and figure, as well. And although many of us actually use different weight loss plan, still the bottom line is to reduce the calorie intake that we are having daily. You must learn to ignore and do away with bad foods that lead to excessive weight and remember your calorie intake each day.

Keep in mind that calories are really one of the natural sources of the needed energy that will help us get through the day. But then, the hard truth is that these calories also come in with fat. That is why the after effect is that when we lower our calorie intake every day, chance are we may be witnessing the unwanted effects on our body.

This is why it is so essential that we learn all the different foods that are good for us and bad. This means that you should not only know which of the many foods to choose, but you can also try to mix these foods with others so as to satisfy and meet your appetite and at the same time not gaining extra weight. One more thing, try to totally avoid overeating, this is instead of eating three large meals a day, try slicing it down to five or six small ones. This is because eating small meals a day has been proven to really help you in burning more calories each day.

So, you might ask, is there really a secret in the process of weight lose? I am afraid not. I have to tell you that the "Magic Formula" does not exist. We need to undergo a process, a long run process in mind, then adapt our minds to it to gain a long term weight loss diet.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

When Are The Best Treadmill Sales Held?

by Steven J. Bancroft

I love using treadmills. I love getting a good deal as well. Treadmill and fitness equipment in general are expensive, but they are often available for a decent discounted price. I've been reviewing treadmills for some time now and using them for years. Probably one of the goofiest aspects of treadmills is the huge difference between manufacturer's suggested retail price and the actual price ... or the treadmill sale price.

Sure, there are times when treadmills are discounted more than usual, but you can generally find a treadmill sale any time of the year. However, there are times during the year when you can get an even better deal ... Christmas and after Christmas being one of those times.

You can find an outstanding treadmill sale when most people aren't buying treadmills. Considering people buy a treadmill for indoor use in bad weather, it's safe to assume that when the weather is nice and warm, treadmill sales go down.

Therefore it makes sense, and the fact is, that when the number of treadmill sales go down (i.e. demand decreases), treadmill manufacturers and retailers lower treadmill prices - aka, have a treadmill sale, in order to keep selling treadmills during the slow season, which is summer.

During spring and summer there are some fantastic sales and deals to be had. Summer is the time to find a treadmill sale. Even though you may not use your purchase for several months, buying in the summer means you can save hundreds, or in some cases over $1,000 dollars(depending on the make and model) as a result of great treadmill sale.

Another good reason for buying in the summer is it takes a little while for the treadmill to arrive at your home. Then add time for the potentially difficult and trying task of putting your treadmill together. If you're like me, that box could sit in a corner for weeks. Therefore, buying in the summer means more opportunity for a sale, and time enough to get it up and running when you will want to use it - which is when the weather turns. That said, if you want a treadmill now, and it's winter, I wouldn't wait until summer to save a few hundred dollars. Perhaps a treadmill now means you cancel a gym membership. You'll save on gym membership fees.

Spring and summer are not the only times to find a decent treadmill sale. Other key times during the year to buy a treadmill is surrounding holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Treadmill retailers usually put on 3 to 7 day sales during these high-shopping periods. If a big holiday is around the corner from the time you're looking for a treadmill, it might be worth a brief wait to see if you can get an even better deal.

Just like I wouldn't wait until summer to buy a treadmill if I wanted it now, I wouldn't wait until summer or Christmas to buy a treadmill or wait for the best treadmill sale. If you look around the various online retailers, you'll discover you can get a decent deal any time of the year. In my view, getting started while inspired is better than waiting to get the absolute best deal. If it so happens you're in the market when there is a better treadmill sale, that's great. If not, seek out a good deal - there is almost always a good treadmill sale available. Remember, the best approach to buying a treadmill is getting the right treadmill for you - don't just focus on price.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Staying Healthy By Eating Right

by Peter Fiter

Lots of people in America attempt to remain nutritious with physical exercise and consuming a healthful diet program. This is the perfect balance of staying in shape and wanting to shed fat. Though a lot of people physically exercise day-to-day there are plenty of individuals who tend not to. In fact, the majority of America's population is obese. If you are chubby and wish to start losing weight today you can begin by watching what you eat. 

Every little thing you consume contains a certain volume of calories. The object of weight loss would be to try and shed off more calories than you eat. The easiest approach to burn calories is to move one's body. The more rigorous the exercise as well as the longer time frame you do this exercise the far more calories you are going to melt away. Even breathing and sleeping will burn calories.

If you are overweight you will need to begin eating less calories or add more activity into your life, and in some cases you will need to do both. Adding more psychical activity into your life will allow you to burn more calories. Thus, leading you to weight loss. You can do this by jogging, swimming, running or riding a bike. There are a lot more activities you can do but these are the most common.

Consuming far better foods with less calories will assist you as well. All natural meals are inclined to have fewer calories. Eating natural meals such as fruit and vegetables will reduce your day-to-day calorie consumption. Even the drinks you drink incorporate calories and natural drinks will constantly be much better for you personally. Water is by far the most effective choice.

Adding in more psychical routines and eating a greater diet regime will cause excess weight reduction. It is going to take time, endurance, and difficult work but every person can do it. There are countless people who do that each and every day. As long as you'll be able to stay with your program you may become more healthy and happier. Begin today, what are you waiting for?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Info On Diets To Lose Weight

by Daniel Davis

People who are serious about shedding some of that unwanted body weight need to pay special attention to their eating habits. Poor dietary habits, when combined with a lack of exercise, is the major reason for weight gain. Therefore, reversing this lifestyle trend will need to start with utilizing diets to burn fat.

Unfortunately, many are going to struggle with this venture into better health and fitness. This struggle with our eating habits it usually tough to overcome, but doing so will be necessary. Luckily, most come to enjoy this healthier lifestyle shift.

Many will never attempt to significantly change their eating habits, and a big reason for this reluctance is the devastating idea that we won't be able to enjoy the food we love. Although we may need to be more strict with these things, it is possible to enjoy things in moderation.

Many hold fast to the dietary model of counting calories. The idea is to use this guideline as a way to get a grip on our meals in an effort to create a caloric deficit. Eating too many calories, especially when taken from unhealthy food, results in the body storing this extra energy as fat. Therefore, a deficit must be created in an effort to make the body tap into this stored fat for energy.

A great tool in facilitating a calorie deficit, which is key in weight loss, is the combination of ideal dietary habits and regular exercise. Regular exercise would ideally include a blend of both cardiovascular training and resistance training to transform the body. It is proven that this combination of healthy eating and exercise is safe and very effective.

At the end of the day, people who are serious about their weight loss goals will need to explore diets to burn fat. It is almost unreasonable to expect progress without addressing this area of our daily life, so don't neglect it. When combined with an ideal exercise program, slimming down and getting into shape is almost inevitable.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Quick Weight Loss Pills

by Steve Carell

Rapid weight loss becomes essential many a times when there is a sudden emergence of a friends wedding or a beach party. Special occasions are always captured on camera and are the ones that are etched in the memories of those who were present there. It is a fact that everyone want to look their best in such events.

They are dressed at their best and wear their best smile. An unwanted flab in such case that peeps out of a beautiful satin gown is a strict no- no. It is embarrassing in the pictures even. Thus, it becomes essential to find out quick weight loss pills that would do the needful by tucking the love handles here and there in a minimum number of days.

These pills are to be consumed twice a day with warm water and milk. Most weight loss pills are consumed in this pattern. Some exceptions are always there for weight loss pills.

These pills have special ingredients that are super fast and melt the fat from the body in no time. The ingredients when dissolved in the stomach work their way in breaking down the fat into smaller parts so that they are easily digested. These weight loss pills also increasing the metabolism of the entire body so that energy is utilized quickly and is not stored in the form of fat under the skin. They are very effective when one wants to lose weight in a limited number of days and look slim and trim. These pills do not require much effort in order to shed off the bulge from the body.

Quick weight loss pills are the best when one needs to attend a special occasion in a very number of days. They shed off extra weight effectively before the date of the event.

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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Burn The Fat Review - Getting A Deeper Overall Look

    by Alex Herman

    Burn The Fat is quite a bit different from other fat loss courses, since it's one of the only programs that does not say that you're going to lose all the weight you would like to overnight. They tell you from the very beginning that when you would like to shed extra pounds it will take time and effort from you, and that they will assist you to obtain your goals.

    With all the weight loss programs around these days that promise all these amazing results and then leave you high and dry, I can not begin to let you know how great it is to truly find a system that is honest and tells you that you have to put in some hard work to succeed with this system.

    While you are reading this manual, you will be taken through a no-nonsense look at how it is possible to start burning off all that extra fat and transforming it into lean muscle mass instead. One thing that I really like about this system is that they give you the exact same techniques that professional bodybuilders make use of, and yet they're all laid out in layman terms which are easy to follow.

    So what you wind up getting are genuine insights into weight loss which are long lasting.

    One of the major features of this guide book is that it truly covers all aspects of weight loss and muscle building. As you read through you will see that they cover just about everything, you will discover various strategies that will help keep you motivated on your journey, all the way down to the truth about the best way to eat correctly so your excess fat can transform itself in to solid muscle mass.

    Whole sections are dedicated to providing you with the keys that you'll need to be able to be successful. In each section the data that you need is offered in a neat and precise manner. For example, rather than roughly telling you that protein is good for you, Burn the Fat will go straight into detail and will teach you exactly why it is important, the way you ought to regard it, and to make it so that you can lose weight even faster they tell you exactly how much protein you need to consume each day to really start burning unwanted fat.

    Now, they already have told you that this system will take work, however, when you discover just how much detail is actually supplied, and just how well planned every aspect of it is, you will recognize that this is actually the real thing. And since they tell you right from the get go that you will have to devote some hard work, after three weeks, when you start experiencing the results, you will realize that you made an excellent investment.

    This system does come with its negative aspects as well, and two come to mind. The first aspect where I feel this system falls a little short is that you have to invest several months to get the full benefits from this system. And the fact that this program has been written for the masses there isn't really any personalization of the system, what you see is really what you get.

    On the other hand, for anyone who truly needs to slim down and understands that it requires work, then you ought to take some time and acquire more information about this program.

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    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Benefit From Weight Losing Tea

    by Anna Bligh

    The last number of years has seen an increase in people obtaining incredible results from drinking Weight Losing Tea. Tava, has three ingredients that really speed up this process and they are Puerh, Oolong and Wuyi Cliff . These ingredients blend in a unique way so that people experience increased health.

    This product helps people to burn fat almost three times quicker than other products. Wuyi Cliff has been used for thousands of years. This is why there is no doubt as to the results that can be achieved with this product.

    Taking the mixture fifteen minutes before a meal richly laden in carbohydrates will help to avoid the normal insulin spike. When people eat high carbohydrate meals, insulin is released into the bloodstream. Insulin is required to normalize the sugar in the bloodstream. Excess carbohydrates are normally converted into fat and stored in the body.

    Tava has the amino acid called L-theanine contained in it. Brain activity is promoted by this important amino acid. It is possible that there will be an improved level of concentration and memory when drinking this. The body and mind will relax much better as a result of the production of of dopamine and serotonin.

    The body is constantly experiencing various biochemical reactions at different times of the day. Free radicals are ingested and often produced by the body. Free radicals have the ability to make people ill and age. Tava is beneficial in that it detoxes the body and in doing so, eliminates the free radicals.

    The immune system becomes stronger when people start using Tava Weight Losing Tea. As free radicals are expunged from the body, it is possible to avoid certain inflammatory diseases. As there are no harmful ingredients in the product, it is safe for daily consumption.

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    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Best Ways To Lose Stomach Weight

    by Ted Reed

    We are all aware of the problems caused by being overweight. Some may even have issues with obesity, so to speak. And more often than not, the major and the most common concern we have in these cases is not only our weight, but our belly. We tend to work out more to lose stomach weight.

    There are many articles and tips that describe how to lose belly fat. They are available in many medium of communication available. This media include television, radio, magazines and the internet. You may even be confused by all this information that shows how to get into perfect shape and weight. There are lots of instructions from persons who have succeeded in this field. There also are some testimonials of beneficiaries and some guidelines from professionals.

    Still the issue of how to lose abdominal fat is problem. Therefore in order for you to come up with a solution that would solve this problem one needs to try and find the main cause of the problem of having abdominal fat. Everyone knows that abdominal fat is very unpleasant but is also the main cause of health problems.

    The various health problems that result from stomach fat are hyperacidity, heartburn, diabetes, heart problems or even cancer. This health problems linked to fatty stomach are so many. Nevertheless you should not worry much for there are steps and guidelines that are available explain how to lose stomach fat.

    As stated above, there are very many ways to lose ab fat. Some methods may sound ridiculous while others may look unlikely. But still noting is impossible when one wants to loose belly fat because of the health risks it brings about. Normally people feel happy when it comes to eating and as result they tend to overeat. As a result of this the rate of metabolism slows down.

    Once your metabolism starts to run slowly, this is when all the weight problems come in. Have it noted that when your metabolism works fine, it means that the food you put into your mouth gets constantly burned. Given this information, you have to work on the steps on how you can jump start your metabolism to keep burning up food.

    The more you eat the more you lose. This is true because the more meals you consume the faster you burn up the food. This also ensures that you stop overeating or eating big portions of food. Taking small meals frequently ensures that you don't skip important meals like breakfast which is a very useful meal of the day. Breakfast ensures you have energy to survive all through the day.

    The most important fact is that each and every person would like to have an attractive and healthy body and possibly at the same time. No one wants to have problems later on in their lives of trying to find methods on how to lose stomach weight, the reason being ignorance of a healthy lifestyle earlier on in life that led to obesity and abdominal fat. To know more about how to loose stomach fat kindly visit


    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Are Effective Weight Loss Pills Miraculous?

    by Ricky Carell

    This is a very frequently asked question and also assumed thing that Effective Weight Loss Pills are miraculous. You will surely want to know the answer to this question. For getting a detailed answer, just go on reading and you will come to know about some facts you haven't thought before.

    It might look a bit unbelievable to you but that is a truth that you cannot think that you know all about them. Let's come to the point, "Are they really wondering pills?" as we frequently see such kind of words on various pills.

    This is a truth that using such pills is the fastest way of getting rid of excessive body fat and they could be called as "miraculous pills", but it doesn't mean that they do all that in a day or two.

    It is often written on weight loss products that they can make you slim in a month no matter how obese you are and all that stuff. Now, this is not true in most cases as it completely depends on the condition of the person who is going to use it. If you are an extremely obese person and you think that you can shed a hundred pounds in a month then let me tell you it is nearly impossible. Besides being impossible, if you do intense exercise followed by low-fat diet and some good pills for losing weight, then you might get closer to this target but it could be seriously harmful.

    Effective Weight Loss Pills possible side-effects can also be irreversible as well. So, be as much patient as you can while using any product for losing weight. It can take from a few weeks to a few months as it varies from person to person. So, don't simply believe what producers of such products are saying and if possible, try to ask a doctor / physician about it as well.

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Healthy weight loss pills, the fastest way to reduce weight

    by Ricky Carell

    It is a truth that healthy weight loss pills have become the fastest and most popular way of losing weight. No doubt, they really work and some of them are amazingly effective but you must know how to use them.

    There are several things you need to care about if you want to lose as much as 25 pounds in a month or lesser. This might sound strange to you but let me tell you that this is really possible and if you stick to these pills and diet, you may lose even more than that. So, be attentive to read the rest of the article to know some of the greatest facts that could help a lot in losing a lot of pounds.

    First thing is that you must have to be serious about your health if you really want to lose this much weight in a month. You have to take these pills regularly as prescribed or mentioned and also take care of your diet. This is true that you do not need to limit yourself to salads and fruits, but you must stop eating junk food like burgers, pizzas and other fried food. Next, you should do a bit of exercise. That is a lot helpful, although not a necessity.

    You might be thinking that if we still have to do exercise then what is the purpose of using such pills? Let me tell you that these pills can help you lose weight without doing any special type of exercise. However, for even faster and better results, it is recommended that you do exercise regularly. No matter how much you do, you must be regular.

    Healthy weight loss pills are usually safe to use, however, you must not take more than allowed dosage. This could be seriously harmful and can cause some intense and irreversible side effects. So, be careful in this aspect and never try to take more amounts of pills for losing weight sooner.

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