Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Get Your Body Fat Percentage to See Your Abs?

Your body fat measurement is a valuable tool to chart your progress on your plan to get six pack abs. Most people realize that abdominal exercises don’t burn fat of your stomach. If you don’t eat right and achieve a calorie deficit, your abs will remain covered in a layer of adipose. 

How low do you have to get your body fat percentage to see your abs?

The answer may be different for women than men. Here's what I'd recommend:

You're not destined to get fatter as you get older, but in the general population, the average older person has more body fat. 

What I did to accommodate this was to include a body fat range instead of one number, so younger people can use the low end of the range and older people can use the higher number. 
Competition body fat levels were not meant to be maintained all year round. It's not realistic and it may not be healthy, particularly for women. 

For women: Competition Shape ("ripped"): 8-12%
For men: Competition Shape ("ripped"): 3-6%

For most women, 12% body fat or thereabouts is ripped, and for many, that's contest ready. 
However, I do know some women who get down to 11-13% body fat but oddly; they still had a few stubborn fat spots - usually the hips and lower body. 

A guy who looks absolutely chiselled in his abs at 11% body fat, but other guys don't look really cut in the abs until they get down to 6-8% body fat.  

That's the trouble with trying to pin down one specific body fat number as the body fat level for seeing 6-pack abs everyone distributes their body fat differently and two people may look different at the same percentage. 

The average guy or gal should probably aim for the "lean" category as a realistic year round goal, or if you're really ambitious and dedicated, the "very lean category." 

For women: Very Lean (excellent): < 15%
                    Lean (good): 16-20%
For men:    Very Lean (excellent): < 9%
                    Lean (good): 10-14%

You'll probably have to hit the "very lean" category for six pack abs. However, the bottom line is that there's no "perfect" body fat percentage where you're assured of seeing your abs. 

Besides, body fat is one of those numbers that gets fudged and exaggerated all the time. Body fat testing is not an exact science. All body fat tests are estimations and there is always room for human error. 

The low numbers are nice for bragging rights, but the judges don't measure your body fat on stage. What counts is how you look and whether you're happy with that.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Top Favourite Diet Foods

Being on a diet is usually the end of your enjoyment of food…at least, for awhile. But know that it doesn't have to be like that the whole time.

So I've compiled a list of my top 10 all-time favourite diet foods. Though let me tell you right up front, these foods have made it onto the list by virtues that may not be immediately obvious.

You see, they're not your typical diet foods like rice cakes and chicken breasts…

1. Triple Cheeseburgers

This is a staple diet food that should be on everyone's list. Why? Because you will burn a ton of calories constantly catching that middle burger patty that keeps shooting out the back of the bun from all the grease every time you bite into it.
And if you're worried about getting too many calories from the sandwich itself, just remove the lettuce and tomato - all that healthy crap does is slow down the fatty meat clawing its way through your digestive tract.

2. Rice Krispie Squares

Everybody knows Rice Krispies are made up almost entirely of air. So eating Rice Krispie squares is just like eating air. That thick layer of fudge on the top is just required to keep the squares from floating away. It's a totally guilt-free snack. In fact, eat the whole pan and you'll actually get LIGHTER because you're eating so much air.

3. Pizza

Pizza is the perfect diet food, according to the Government Food Pyramid. How so, you ask?
Just look at it! First, you've got "grains" making up the bottom of the pizza (just like the bottom of the pyramid)…a delicious, thick nutritionless white flour gob. Next up, you've got the dairy group - cheese, of course (lots of great calcium to be found there, which can enhance fat-burning by up to 1/25 of a percent)! You've also got your vegetables (unless you get your pizza with no vegetables, in which case you'll have to count pepperoni as a vegetable, which I am FINE with, by the way). Finally, you've got the meat group…right on top.
Good eating and a perfect match to the food pyramid, in structure if not intent!

4. French Fries

It's a FACT that French people have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than Americans. Obviously, this is because they eat more FRENCH Fries. So the trick is to eat more French Fries. I'm telling you…ya just can't make this stuff up.

5. Pizza Again

It's just that good of a diet food. I mean, how many foods do you know that you can dramatically change their calorie content just by how you slice them?
Think about it…let's say in a normal large pizza, you cut it into 8 pieces. That's a LOT of calories and you PROBABLY won't lose weight when you eat the whole thing. But cut that same large pizza into FOUR slices? You've just cut your calories in HALF. So when you eat the whole thing, you're only eating HALF the number of slices. Do the math and you'll see.
Also, pizza is a round food and everybody knows that round foods have fewer calories than square foods - no corners…duh.

6. Twinkies

Since Twinkies cannot technically be considered food (in a nuclear war, they will outlast even cockroaches), you're welcome to eat as many of these as you want. They are also VERY valuable for appetite control. Don't believe me? Eat a dozen of these colon-stoppers and see how your appetite is.

7. Anything That Has Fallen On The Floor

It automatically loses ALL calorie content. This rule only applies, however, if it happens by ACCIDENT. And the dog gets first dibs.

8. Chinese Food

I'm not talking "American" Chinese food with the almond chicken and ginger beef…I'm talking CHINESE Chinese food. And if you've been to China and have seen the things hanging in the unrefrigerated shop windows, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about and why eating those things will help you lose weight FAST…

9. "Sports" Water

In other words, water with that great "sporty" taste of corn syrup, artificial flavor and fresh-squeezed potassium benzoate! In fact, I have to say "kudos" to the corporations who found a way to create a market out of complete bullsh*t!... And then lash out for people having to do (GOD FORBID) MORE exercise, to burn off those 60 extra ass-growing calories found in the other guys bottle of stupid sports water. Like just being alive for an extra 45 minutes won't burn THAT off. Cripes.

Now, if you are looking for some real fat-loss information, I've got a great source for you to check out - a powerful program I created to maximize fat loss...

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Muscle-Building Results with Just 3 Meals a Day

If you work for a living, it can be extremely tough to get the 5 or 6 meals a day often recommended. I've got a plan that can help you get the calories you need on limited time.

Can a person achieve great muscle-building results with just 3 meals a day?

It is very true that you're better off eating smaller, more frequent meals, both for muscle building and fat loss. I'm not going to argue with that.

The problem arises because many people simply can’t get more than 3 meals day.
Here's my solution...

1. Have a moderately large breakfast...eggs, oatmeal, broccoli...whatever else you normally eat. Breakfast is the second most important meal of the day (for our purposes here, at least) and it's not going to be your biggest.

2. Do your workout and have your post-workout shake.

3. Have a medium-sized this point, you're looking to not overload your digestive system with food (you already did that with breakfast) because you'll be training fairly soon.

4. Plan to train in the late afternoon/early evening, if you can. For our meal timing, this will be the best option.

5. Dinner is going to be your biggest meal of the day. Because your body is primed to take full advantage of whatever you eat after training this is the time to load up. You should get at least half your days calories or more in this meal...overloading calories like this is extremely anabolic and your body will thrive on it.

6. Next day, repeat the plan.

It's nothing complicated, of course, but I've been using this type of eating and training schedule for a long time and it's been extremely effective for me.

If you can squeeze in a few small snacks during the day, go for it! But if you don't have time for 5 or 6 meals a day, don't stress about it. Your body can cope and you can definitely still make great progress!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don’t Believe Fat-Loss Myths

Fat-loss is a topic that is just rife with myths, misconceptions, incorrect beliefs and outright lies! There are five common fat-loss myths that could be holding you back from achieving the fast, effective fat-loss your body is actually capable of. These five fat-loss lies have been around for years and believing them could be making your fat-loss program a lot less effective. Time to blast them out of the water and get your fat-burning back on track!

Diets Don't Work
Diets actually quite often do work. It's just what happens after the diet finishes that's the problem. The metabolism has been slowed down by prolonged low caloric intake without proper training. 

And then when the person goes back to their "normal" eating, they go back to their normal eating...the eating that added the extra fat in the first place.

Eating Very Low-Calorie is Bad For Fat Loss
Another outright myth...eating very low calories can be very good for fat loss. It creates a much bigger caloric deficit, which in turn forces the body to rely on stored fat for energy.

The trick here is that you don't want to eat very low-calorie like that for long never more than a few days. When you eat very low-calorie for long stretches, that is when you run into trouble with metabolic slowdown.

 "I Want To Get Toned"
No training is going to get you "toned" because that doesn't exist. Getting "toned" simply means building muscle and burning fat. You can't tone a muscle any more than you can paint a cloud. You have to build the muscle to have it and you have burn the fat so you can see it.

"Toning," to me, is simply a way of describing ineffective training. It's a person picking up a weight that is not challenging to their muscles and lifting it just enough to completely avoid any discomfort.

And then they wonder why they're not "toned up" and quit doing anything altogether because they didn't see any results.

High-Rep Light Weight Training is the Best Training Style to Burn Fat
Light weight, high-rep training can be effective for burning fat while preserving muscle if you do it correctly. If you flail around and don't push yourself, you won't see results.

In my experience, the best training style for fat-loss is a mix of heavier training, to preserve mass and strength, and lighter, high-rep training that focuses on Lactic Acid accumulation.

When Lactic Acid accumulates in the body, this changes the acidity (the pH) in the bloodstream. Your body reacts to this by secreting Growth Hormone, which is a potent fat-burning and muscle-preserving hormone.

To Lose Fat You Have to Totally Deprive Yourself of the Foods You Love
You have to control yourself and not let food control you, but the last thing you want to have in your head while you're dieting is that you'll never be able to eat the foods you love again.

Because when you start thinking about that that is all you will be thinking about. A planned cheat is light-years different than giving in to a craving and blowing your diet. A planned cheat puts you in control of your food intake. 

And the cool thing is, when you've been on a restricted eating plan for awhile, that cheat meal will actually spur fat loss! I always include cheat meals in every fat-loss program I write. You need it mentally and you benefit tremendously from it physically.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Get Washboard Abs

As a man may be you probably crave the abs to get washboard abs. That rippling chest can be yours too. Isn’t really how easy it is get washboard abs, it's the fact that so few people try to get there in the first place. We can boil it down to five easy tips to get you on the road get washboard abs. And from there, all you have to do is stay on it and you'll most assuredly get there.

1) Your muscles grow by being broken down by exercise, and then rebuilt by your body afterwards. So don’t work on your abs all the time, every day. Without sufficient recovery time, you’ll only do yourself harm. After an intense ab-focused workout, give yourself a couple days to rest your abs, by working on some other body part.

2) It’s easy to just focus on your abs and ignore everything else. But those other parts of your body help stabilize you while you exercise! So when you do train, give your body a well-rounded workout. If you don’t tend to them, your abs will take longer to get to where you want them to be. Since you need to rest your abs periodically anyway, why not go over the rest of your body in the meantime?

3) Your body is mostly water, and that’s no exaggeration. If you don’t have water, your body won’t be able to feed nutrients into the proper areas rapidly. By keeping yourself fully refreshed with water during workouts, you keep your body at a peak where it can make full use of your exercises.

4) Your body can only be, in an overall sense, what you eat and drink. It can only make itself what you give it the building blocks for. If you’re drinking sodas and eating pizza, you’re giving your body the building blocks for fat and flab. Stick to water, natural fruit juices, vegetables, whole wheat breads, and other healthy things for regular meals.

5)  Avoid excessive crunches for alternative ab-based exercises. This last tip may seem highly counterintuitive, but it’s true. Once you get past a certain comfortable minimum, large amounts of crunches will just strain your neck and back uncomfortably while doing relatively little for your abs.  

By following these tips you can get washboard abs too and look like a dashing Hollywood actor. It doesn't take a vast amount of time or willpower, either - just a little self-discipline and the desire to attain what you really want.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Even Ab machines are not the answer to a slimmer waistline, they are being advertised everywhere these days. They are most commonly advertised on late night infomercials.

These infomercials are largely aimed at tricking the public to believe that AB machines can
flatten their stomach by doing a few ab exercises each day. They usually have a bunch of super-healthy fitness models walking around with perfect abs and they tell you that they owe their great looking abs to whatever ab machine" that they’re trying to sell to you.

The truth about abdominal muscles exercise machines is that they work to strengthen your ab muscles. That
s all they do.  They strengthen your ab muscles, but they do not make your waistline slimmer -- see the difference?

Ab machines cannot make your stomach thinner or slimmer. T
hey can only make your ab muscles stronger.

You see, even if you have the strongest ab muscles in the world, it
s still possible to have a huge waist at the same time.

In fact, just look at football players for a perfect example of this. Football players have some of the strongest ab muscles on the planet, but yet they are also some of the most overweight athletes on the planet.

This is because they have super strong ab muscles, but those ab muscles are buried beneath layers of fat tissue.

This fact PROVES that ab machines will only give you stronger abs, but they won’
t give you a slimmer stomach.

If you want a thinner waistline then you must lose the fat tissue which is sitting on top of your stomach muscles, and the only way to do that is to follow a good dieting plan.

You must remember that you can make your abs super strong and firm, and yet you can still have tons of fat tissue sitting on top of your stomach which prevents your ab muscles from being seen.  

The truth is that you need to begin a dietto lose the fat which is sitting on top of your ab muscles, since only then will you get a slimmer waistline.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tips You Should Follow When Choosing a Gym

Choosing a gym to train at is one of the most critical decisions you have to make with regards to your training. Picking the wrong one can lead to frustration and poor results, while picking the right one can give you tremendous motivation and practically guarantee your success!

So when choosing a gym you can follow these tips:

1) Gym should be convenient to where you live or work, otherwise it makes it that much harder to motivate yourself to go.

If the location is not good then that evil factor "time" will rear its ugly head. Lack of time is the reason why people don't train or stop training. Pick a gym that's easy to get to and you'll help yourself tremendously.

That being said, if you find a decent gym to train at some of the time (e.g. weekdays, near work) and have a great gym you can to on the weekend, even if it's further, it'll be worth extra effort (of course, that's where having the money to pay for 2 gym memberships comes into play).

Saturday morning is generally one of the least busy times for gyms. So do not go visit the prospective gym. If you're going to train there during the week, go after work at 5 o'clock.

Visit the gym at the exact time you're planning on going to it so you can see how busy it is and to get an idea of the people who train there at that time. 

Getting an idea of who is training in the gym at the same time may sound snobby but think about it this way...these are the people who you're going to have to deal with (and who are going to have to deal with YOU!) in the gym.
Look closely at the areas of the gym you'll be working in...if the cardio section is packed but the free weight area is empty, then it might not be an issue.

3) Make sure the equipment you want are available. Any half-decent gym is going to have a free-weight area. The quality and focus of that free-weight area will tell you a lot about who the gym caters to.

If you like to train heavy but the dumbells only go up to 50 lbs, that will be a good indication that the gym might not be for you (unless you can be satisfied with heavy barbell training!).

4) Go at your preferred time and get a guest pass so you can try the equipment out. Some gyms look like they have a lot of equipment, but it could be all stuff you aren't going to use anyway. Taking the equipment for a test run can save you a lot of trouble.

I've also been to gyms that had a nice selection of free weights but when I trained there, I found the handles of the dumbells were contoured, which I find absolutely irritating. 

5) You may find some gyms actually don't allow deadlifting (watch out for this if the gym is on the second floor or higher of a building). The deadlift is one of the most productive exercises you can do and any place that bans it isn't (in my opinion) serious about helping you get results.

If you like to use chalk, find out if that is allowed. Chalk can be messy and many gyms don't allow it. Some gyms will give you the boot if you "vocalize" too loud during your training!

6) Get qualifications and references. I've been to some excellent gyms with trainers who have almost no idea what they're doing. I've seen clients being taught dangerous exercises (behind the neck Smith machine shoulder press) while the trainer runs off to the bathroom or talks on a cell phone.

A trainer should be more than a rep counter or a cheerleader. A good trainer will GUIDE you and TEACH you. In fact, a very good trainer's goal should be to work themselves right out of a job, teaching you so well that you don't even need them anymore!

And even if you don't plan on using a trainer, having a bad one hanging around giving you "pointers" can be incredibly annoying. It's great if they know what they're doing, but it often seems that the ones with the least competence are the ones most vocal about offering advice and criticizing your "bad" form!

7) Cleanliness and atmosphere operate on a sliding scale and how much they weigh in with your decision will vary according to all the other factors.

For example, if the place is very clean but the gym equipment isn't the greatest, a spotless place to train may be more important to you. On the flip side, the atmosphere may not be good and it might not be an enjoyable place to train at.

And then you might find a gym that's not particularly clean at all (like a basic warehouse gym) but is frequented by people totally dedicated to training and who constantly encourage and welcome new people in. The atmosphere might totally make up for any lack of polish.

8) Membership dues can be a tricky one as some gyms have monthly dues where you're not locked into anything long-term while some gyms have a multi-year plan that you then "finance" by paying monthly on the balance.

It's critical you know exactly what you're getting into before you sign anything. Be prepared to walk out of the sales office if they don't take the time to explain everything to you, including your options if you move out of the area.

Make absolutely sure you know if you're on a straight-up monthly plan that you can cancel anytime or if you're on a balloon-payment plan that you're simply making payments on until you pay the whole balance off.

9) Supplements can be very profitable and I highly encourage you to shop around online before buying anything in a gym (or even in a health food store). You can generally get things way cheaper online. While there is nothing at all wrong with supplements in general, they're not 100% necessary in order for you to get results. You can tell a lot about a gym by how hard they push them when you walk in the door.

10) The power racks might be a personal preference, but one of the first things I look for in a gym is the power rack situation. I use the power rack so much that any gym lacking at least one decent rack will not get my vote. If a gym has more than one good rack, that says a lot about the quality of the free weight area of the facility.   

Take as many of these factors into account in your choice gyms as you can. The more you know about the potential place you're going to train, the better off you'll be when it comes to getting the results you want!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Can You Lose More Than 2 lbs of Pure Fat in a Week?

Yes, you can lose more than two 2 lbs of pure fat in a week. It’s easier in the beginning. But it gets harder as your diet progresses. What you need is an extraordinary effort. You need a bigger calorie deficit. It is a particularly strict diet, as well as burning more calories through training because you can only cut your calories so far from food before you’re starving and suffering from severe hunger.

If you have a 2500 calorie daily maintenance level, and you want to drop 3 lbs of fat per week with diet alone, you’d need a huge daily deficit of 1500 calories, which would equate to eating 1000 calories per day. You would lose weight rapidly for as long as you could maintain that deficit. Most people aren’t going to last long on so little food and they often end with a period of binge eating. It’s not practical to cut calories so much and in some cases it could be unhealthy.

The other alternative is to train for hours and hours a day, literally. First of all you’re not measuring body fat, only body weight. Then you have the high starting body weights and the large water weight loss in the beginning. After that, just do the math – they’re training hours a day so they’re creating a huge calorie deficit.

Trainers are becoming more inventive these days in coming up with high intensity workouts that burn a large amount of calories and really give the metabolism a boost. This can help speed up the fat loss within a given amount of time. But as you begin to utilize higher intensity workouts, you have to start being on guard for overtraining or overuse injuries. That’s why strict nutrition with an aggressive calorie deficit is going to have to be a major part of any fast fat loss strategy. 
Unfortunately, very low calorie dieting has its own risks in the way of lean tissue loss, slower metabolism, extreme hunger, and greater chance of weight re-gains. 

My approach to long term weight control is to lose weight slowly and patiently and follow a nutrition plan that is well balanced between lean protein, healthy fats and natural carbs and doesn’t demonize any entire food group. To lose fat, you simply create a caloric deficit by burning more and eating less (keeping the nutrient density of those calories as high as possible, of course).

But to achieve the extraordinary goals such as photo-shoot-ready, super-low body fat or simply faster than average fat loss, while minimizing the risks, I often turn to a stricter cyclical low carb diet for brief “peaking” programs. This method is explained in chapter 12 of e-book Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

The cyclical aspect of the diet means that after three to six days of an aggressive calorie deficit and strict diet, you take a high calorie / high carb day to re-feed the body and re-stimulate the metabolism. Essentially, this helps reduce the starvation signals your body is receiving. It’s also a psychological break from the deprivation which helps improve compliance and prevent relapse.

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