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Eliminating Obesity Tthrough Koutea

Eliminating Obesity Tthrough Koutea
In human society today, Obesity is one of the major medical problems that affect millions of people that seem to go unnoticed and sometimes encouraged.

Aside from the detrimental effects caused by alcohol and smoking, Obesity is also a huge medical issue which is not thoroughly addressed. In the United States alone, more than 30% of the entire population is considered to be clinically obese. This is an alarming situation because obesity is always associated with other serious diseases which can be fatal such as cardiovascular diseases and hypertension which is also called the “silent Killer.” 

Modernization and the increase of technology seemed to increase the spread of Obesity. In fact, most nations that have the largest population of obese people are highly developed countries with the exception of China and Japan. Countries like the United Kingdom, Mexico and various countries in Europe and Australia all have high numbers of obese people. This supports the fact that obesity is also accelerated by the emergence of modern technology and the effects of it. As modernization continue to ease human lives as it provides alternative options to reduce physical labor, exercise and strenuous physical activities is slowly disappearing and people are continually becoming more sedentary. But what is obesity, how does it happen and who are most susceptible to this debilitating condition.

What is obesity?


For many years, obesity is always linked to bad lifestyle and improper eating habits. However there are many questions about this because there are people who seem to eat anything in any amount but still manage to be fit and thin. Frequently, as obesity was always regarded as somewhat reversible, this problem is often considered as the leading preventable cause of death ever. However, there are many questions about obesity has been raised and this compelled many to have another look on this condition. Many have started to look deep on to the cause of obesity and what really it is. 

According to recent studies, there are cases of obesity on which it is a form of malfunction especially of the metabolic rate of the body. This suddenly made obesity a medical condition rather than a preventable lifestyle abuse. Because of this, the way people look on obesity has changed drastically. Though there are still cases where obesity is caused by eating abuse, more and more people are looking at obesity as a medical condition and obese people are sufferers of it. Today, as medical research continues on obesity, more and more types of this medical condition was discovered. This makes the creation of solutions for obesity easier as medical researchers can now pinpoint on the main cause of this debilitating condition.

Impact of obesity in human society


Obesity has long been the cause of many problems in society. First and foremost is the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases which happens to the leading cause of death for obese people. Aside from the increased risk of cardiovascular accidents, obesity can also be the cause of other serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other medical conditions due to excessive amounts of cholesterol. Many health promoters regard the growing number of obese people as a serious problem of society which should be addressed. 

However as people become more aware on the causes of obesity, more and more people are being immersed on large amounts of processed foods, fast foods, artificially flavored food and the worldwide famous soft drinks. These types of food are greatly produced for human consumption in the 20th century and are still gaining momentum until today. For this reason, many are really having a hard time controlling their weight as these kinds of food are extremely prevalent and easy to acquire in our times. 

Aside from the increased risk of cardiovascular problems, societal productivity is also affected by the growing number of obese people today. According to statistics, people who are overweight tend to frequent in absences and are more likely to file for leave more than people with normal weight. This is because of many factors that affect people who are grossly obese. One is that people who are obese tend to be injured more than others. Minor falls can result into major accidents due to their weight. Another reason is the psychological strain of enduring the ridicule and comments of people about their weight problem. There are more obese people who are sensitive to criticisms than with people with normal weight, especially if the comments are directed on their obese weight. 

Because of these problems that fall on obese people, countless numbers of medical research have been made in order to find the best solutions to the obesity problem. Out of many researches, there are breakthroughs that offer obese people the method and means they need to achieve weight loss and one of the best methods is the use of Koutea.

How koutea can resolve obesity problems


Koutea is a weight loss supplement which is formulated by medical research on the benefits of tea on the human body. The ingredients of Koutea are the four famous teas used in Chinese and Japanese culture. The teas included in Koutea are Green tea, Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea and White tea. All of these blends are famous products of Chinese and Japanese culture and have contributed to the incredible health seen on their society. 

Many have been fascinated with the health of Asian cultures especially in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Currently, their societies have the least number of obese people and are currently among the most number of people with long life expectancies. Many have tried to understand this phenomenon but many are convinced that it is through their diet that this incredible health is achieved. It was lately that tea was considered one of the main reasons for this health and medical research was initiated into investigating the effects of tea. 

There are many benefits one can get in consuming adequate amounts of these four types of tea. This is because of the levels of an enzyme called Catechins which help increase the strength of a person’s immune system and also increases the metabolic rate of the body. Metabolism is the body’s ability to chance food into energy by transforming cholesterol into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) which is the fuel that drives cellular activity in the body.

How does Metabolism work and where does Koutea come in?


When food is ingested by the body, it is digested in the stomach as digestive juices present in the stomach and intestines breakdown the food into absorbable material. As the digested food passes through the intestine, it is absorbed by the villi and then mixes in the blood stream. This is where metabolism takes place; the absorbed food is then transformed into cholesterol which in turn is transformed into usable energy by the body. Any excess in this process is stored as fat, which is then deposited on various locations of the body, mainly the waist, thighs and upper arms. 

If the metabolic rate of a person is weak, cholesterol is slowly transformed thus the body stores it temporarily as fat immediately. However, instead of the body using this stored fat, as the same person again ingested food, the whole process begins again and because of the weak metabolism, it is once again stored as fat and it compiles. After years of this process, the person gains considerable weight until he or she reaches the threshold of obesity. 

Koutea helps the body, not in the sense that it immediately induces weight loss, but increases the metabolic rate of the body in order to make it burn more fat than usual. Catechins help increase the levels of metabolic rate and place it into overdrive. As this occurs, people with overhyped metabolic processes will lose weight even without doing anything. This is why people are attracted to such types of weight loss supplements that help people lose weight even without doing any rigorous exercises. 

With the introduction of Koutea in the market, many people will find the benefits of this weight loss supplement appealing as it not only helps weight loss but also increases the strength of the immune system. This is by far one of the most important things why this type of weight loss supplement is popular.



The power of Koutea is the combination of four famous blends of tea which are in it extremely beneficial to one’s health. Green tea and all of the other ingredients have been included in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine and have gained the respect of two ancient cultures for these drinks potency. Today, western medicine is now catching up with the ancient discoveries made in providing the best method of losing weight. As the number of obese people is continually gaining numbers, it is important to know how to combat this debilitating condition and one of the most famous methods is the use of supplements such as Koutea. Through this powerful blend of tea, one will surely find that solving the problem of obesity is available today. 

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